Fish at the bottom

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Aqua Life Tips.Freshwater aquarium owners, no matter how experienced, will always get that familiar feeling of PANIC when they approach the tank and see their favorite fish laying on the bottom of the tank.As they enjoy having privacy, In many cases a simple decor upgrade will take care of the issue, but not always.When ammonia builds up too much your betta could begin suffering from ammonia poisoning, which can quickly become fatal.Most animals sleepand fish are no different.Fish in your Aquarium are hard to figure out sometimes.

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Though you may not spend much time playing with your fish, it is important to understand their behavior, just like any pet.

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This is a question comes up quite often, especially from beginners.Swim bladder disorder refers to a collection of issues affecting the swim bladder, rather than a single disease.This is a question comes up quite often, especially from beginners.

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