Pictures of the asian rainforest

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Also called industrial agriculture.The map below shows the location of the world's tropical rainforests.Sign In Sign Up.Amazon rainforest plant - stock pictures and photos.Learn about the weather in Southeast Asia before planning a trip.The rainforests around the globe are definitely gorgeous places where vegetation is abundant and the animals that dwell within are in their natural habitats.

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True rainforests are typically found between 10 degrees north and south of the equator see map ; they are a sub-set of the tropical forest biome that occurs roughly within the degree latitudes in the equatorial zone between the Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn.

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Learn more about royalty-free images.Rainforests: shrouded in mist and mystery, home to animals beautiful and bizarre, filled with plants that can poison or heal.South Asian Rainforest Indian rainforests are mainly found along the country's eastern coast.

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